About Us

About Us

Formally known as UK Awnings, we are the Patio Awning Specialist Division of Conservatory Blinds Limited. Since 1998 we have installed thousands of patio awnings across England & Wales.

We offer genuine technical advice based on your requirements with a range of awnings to suit virtually every property and budget.

Unlike other companies, our quotations are given by a qualified surveyor, and installed by experts with over 14 years experience specifically in patio awnings.

Your initial survey and quotation can take as little as 20 minutes, depending upon how many quotations you require. We can't always be the cheapest - just the best value for money.

Meet the Specialists

    Jim Fleuty Jim Fleuty - Installer
Jim has been with us since 1999, so has over 16 years of experience installing patio awnings of all sizes and on all properties. His amiable and friendly approach, coupled with his expert eye and exceptional experience makes all the difference – just read our customer reviews.
Peter Matthews Peter Matthews - Director
Founder of Conservatory Blinds Limited, with 20 years of experience working in the Blinds Industry and many years in the construction industry too. Peter is an expert in all aspects of technical advice, blind manufacturing and the varying suitability of all external blinds and awnings.
Cheryl Ede Cheryl Ede - Contracts Manager
Cheryl has been with us for the past 11 years. She ensures that the factory and installation team all work seamlessly and that your order runs smoothly. Cheryl has a very good technical understanding and is an expert in all the processes involved in patio awning installations.