Patio Awning Prices

As every home is entirely different and because there are huge variations in cost between awning types, ranges, fabrics and installation types, it would be highly misleading for us to offer price guides without inspecting your property and some detailed requirements.

Nevertheless, most of our fully fitted made-to-measure awnings cost between £2,500 and £5,000 (or more for some specialist ranges) depending on the exact system, size, fabric, operation, installation type and available options.

Simpler end-fix awnings installed to a typical two-storey property tend to be the cheapest of all, however our awning ranges can be manufactured to any size and installed to any property, but they obviously vary in cost with size and complexity.

Our unique appeal to customers is that we offer genuine expert advice on the correct solution to meet your needs and not just the cheapest option. This means that we can suit every technical requirement without the need to compromise quality or suitability, especially with our Interest Free Credit options.

We do not waste your time by sitting in your home for hours on end. Quotations can take as little as 20 minutes to as much as an hour or so depending upon how much information and how many alternative quotations you require.

We are certainly not the cheapest awning specialists, but you will not find better advice, awning quality, or expert installation.

For a free and genuinely no-obligation written quotation on any of our awning systems, contact us now.