How many brackets will the awning need?

Most awnings required between 2 and 4 brackets to be fitted to your wall, each bracket having between two and four fixings (this varies with the exact awning range and size).

All awnings must be fitted with their brackets located at highly specific points along its width, irrespective of whether your property can accommodate these positions. If the brackets are incorrectly positioned or omitted there is a high probability that the awning could suffer a structural failure, or could even result in damage to the wall.

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As properties vary so much in design, layout and method of construction, we custom-manufacture additional brackets so that the awning is fitted safely and yet positioned so that it is practical to use.

The cost of custm-manufactured brackets therefore varies with each propert as well as with the complexity of installation, awning type, range and size. Our quotations include the cost of any special brackets agreed with you at order stage, the exact specifications of which can be confirmed at survey.

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