How do you judge the best review?

Every quarter we award the best review with a £50 voucher cheque. The best review will be judged as being that which best explains the reasons for the review; explaining how we compared to other blind companies and whether we met or exceeded their expectations.

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Reviews are ideally 50 to 200 words long – longer is also possible if the content is of value.

If you are reviewing our web site then please tell us where we are going wrong and how to improve. Tell us what you really like and why you feel it is important.

If you are reviewing our service and advice (in other words we have provided you with a quotation but you haven’t bought blinds from us) please tell us how we performed and why you may have not bought blinds at all – or even why you bought them elsewhere.

If you are reviewing your order, please tell us how we performed from start to finish and how you think we compare to other companies you may have seen.

We only learn and improve from your feedback, so please tell us!

If you are awarded the best review we will contact you and require your full address/phone details so that we can send you the voucher cheque.

Every year we will also select the best review of the year, which will receive a further £50, so you could potentially receive up to £100 in total.

The winners of the quarterly/annual awards for the best review will have their name published in the form of “Mr & Mrs X of County” within our news/newsletter.

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