Patio Awning Control Sensors

With sun and wind sensors on your awning, you will always have shade when you need it, with peace of mind when the weather changes.

A sun sensor brings a new level of automation to your awning. Now you no longer even have to open the awning yourself - just set the sunlight sensor to a predetermined level and it will automatically open the awning.

When the sun goes away again, so does the awning. You can also set a delay to the automatic closing that stops the awning from opening and closing during cloudy weather.

Strong winds can be potentially damaging to an awning, which is another way that control sensors provide a major benefit. A wind sensor will tell when the wind is blowing too hard for the awning, and then automatically retract it.

With this level of automation over your awning, you can relax safe in the knowledge that your awning will be protectded from damage, but always there when you need it.

Somfy Eolis™ wind sensor is recommended with all awnings. The sensor reacts to increases in wind speed and automatically retracts the awning as an additional safety feature. The sensor communicates via infra-red with the awning so that there is no need for a direct cable connection between them.

Somfy Soliris™ sun sensor extends the awning when it is bright. The sensor reacts to light and so should be situated so that it is not in the shade of trees, soffits or a satellite dish, or facing right security lights at night. The unit includes a combined wind sensor which can also act independently.

Somfy vibration sensor will automatically close your awning when it senses that it is windy or being tamperd with. A small battery powered sensor fits in to the front profile of your awning so there are no extra cables.
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