Little-Big Patio Awnings

Crossover arms allow awnings to fit into narrower spaces, while still keeping the awning large enough to provide shading.

Patio awnings normally need to be much wider than the arm length, which means that narrow walls can only have very short projections, making them ineffectual.

However our Little-Big awnings have crossover arms, which means that your awning could be as narrow as 2.5m (8’ 4”) and yet still have a projection of up to 3.5m (11’ 6”) providing you with more effective shade, and yet still retract neatly.

Little-Big patio awnings are extremely popular on narrow walls that are adjacent to conservatories and other extensions, providing much-needed shade, both indoors and out, as well as neat outdoor where you can enjoy the sun whilst protected from UV.

In the evening, the Little Big awning means that you can even entertain outside, providing a barrier from being overlooked by your neighbours and even helping to reduce noise.

Little-Big awnings are normally a semi-cassette patio awning with a torsion bar (which makes it very strong) underneath, with the arms retracting and folding underneath each other.

Little-Big patio awnings come with remote control operation as standard with an optional vibration sensor to automatically retract the awning when it is windy. Manual crank operation is also available, with made to measure widths from 2.0m (6’ 6”) to as wide as 4.0m (13’ 1”).

Awning arms are available in standard sizes from 2.0m (6’ 6”) up to 4.0m (12’ 11”).

All patio awnings provide the added benefit of window shading into your home, helping to not only keep cool, but can also allow you watch your TV and use your computer without the sun streaming in over the screen.

Optional accessories including lighting and heating to help you make the most of your patio during the evening, as well as creating a real wow factor.

Crossover Arm Awnings are ideal for...

Narrow Walls

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