Remote Control Handsets

Somfy® Remote Control options give you complete control over you shading with just a touch of a button...

With a remote control awning, you can add the extra level of control over your patio shading, at the touch of a button.

The Somfy® remote controls are designed for ease of use, and total control over your awning, and come in a range of four colours: Lounge, Patio, Pure and Silver.

Premium controls are also available, including programmable timers, as well as linking to Home Automation systems.

If you have selected integrated lighting or remote control patio heaters with your awning then your handset will also be able to operate these as well, whether you open the awning or not.

We recommend that all awnings have a 3D vibration sensor fitted to the front profile, allowing the system to sense when the awning is being buffeted by the wind and safely retract the awning.

Somfy™ remote control uses RTS technology to transmit to an integrated receiver within the awning itself, so does not require 'line of sight' to operate, which means that you can use your handset from up to 200m away in the garden, or up to 20m away through two walls.

Popular Handsets:

  • Somfy Telis 1 Handset lets you control up to 4 awnings simultaneusly, with a 20 meter range.
  • Somfy Telis 4 Handset allows you to individually operate up to four awnings or optional extras, such as heaters and lighting, with a 20 meter range..
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Customer Reviews

We would like you to pass on our thanks for the excellent advice regarding the choice of pattern for the fabric. My wife liked the dark green stripe but you suggested that it might be too dark under such a large blind. We looked at further patterns and decided on a very light pastel colour combination.

After the blind was fitted, by your extremely knowledgeable fitters, we could see that you were right about the colours. The amount of light under the awning was more than under my neighbour's similar sized awning with a dark pattern.

The overall experience dealing with your company has been excellent.